4 Common Mistakes That Aren’t Good Web Design

Without a doubt, the topic of great web design is a bit tricky. People have differing opinions about what is good and what isn’t. Some think that sleek and up-to-date design matters while also other focus on functionality and users instead.

Both are actually correct in their own right. But here are 4 mistakes that everyone agrees isn’t good web design:

1: Fonts are too small

Creating a website with fonts that are really small can be costly. Not long ago, websites had a standard font size of 12 px. Now that has changed as it is difficult to read text in this font size. What makes matters worse is that people have short attention spans. So use font sizes between 15x to 20x. Make the font size even bigger for headers.

websitebusiness solution2: Fonts that don’t contrast well with the background

The second common mistake regarding fonts is that people choose ones that don’t contrast too well with the background. It is vital to make your site’s content as easy to read as possible. So, pick a font color that will stand out clearly from the background.

3: No use of accent colors

In particular, when it comes to calls to action buttons, it is important to highlight these buttons with accent colors so as to grab the attention of the user immediately. You have to make it easy for them to notice these buttons or else too much work in this regard will drive to competitor sites where accent colors are used for these buttons and are easy to notice..

4: Violation of common design principles

Not following trends can make your website standout for all the wrong reasons. So, be careful when it comes to deviating from common design principles. For example, users are accustomed to finding certain features in particular places. It’s best to stick to tried-and-tested guidelines instead trying to do something radical and awkward.

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