4 Negative Social Media Posts That You Might Receive

Deleting negative comments from your page is a bad idea. Instead, leave the there and respond appropriately.

If you do the latter, it will indicate that you are taking customer concerns seriously and willing to sort out the situation in the best way you can.

Here are 4 negative posts that you might receive:

website bussines solution1: Widespread Criticism

If several people have a complaint about the same thing, then it is advisable not to respond individually to each of these comments. Instead, ensure that someone in management posts a video or a comment that responds appropriately to their complaint. In other words, offer a solution or an explanation. Also, be open to criticism. This action will be appreciated by your customers.

2: Solicitors

Sometimes, people make comments to promote something unrelated to your company. Some of these include links to apps or games, websites or product. Worst of all, it could be spam as well. Make sure you delete these comments as soon as possible as they do not benefit you or anyone else.

3: Trolls

This is the easiest of the lot to spot. It’s basically people bashing your brand for no reason at all. This includes rants in all caps, the use of profanity and inappropriate content being added to the page. Without a doubt, feel free to delete and block the comments. Do this only as a last resort if the person continues to do this.

4: Solution-Seekers

It can time-consuming to attend to every individual comment that is a unique issue of its own. Yet it’s absolutely vital that you do this by taking the conversation offline and away from the public eye. For this, have a spreadsheet of responses for general situations can come in handy. Even then, make sure you tailor them to each response as well.

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