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Evaluating an online shopping cart software is not an easy task. The solutions available out there differentiate themselves in their offering. That said, any ecommerce cart that wants to be considered serious has to cover the basics. These are security and cost. The tips below might come handy in evaluating these aspects.

An internet shopping cart has to be secure

This is an undeniable fact, and when it comes to security, there should be no exceptions. Online stores deal with private information and these need to be kept in a secure environment. To set proper standards, some companies offer security audits for these shopping cart systems. The company will then decide if the shopping cart system deserves to have their certification. This whole process is carried out using industry standards. So one may rely on these certifications as a seal of quality

A shopping cart software has to have reasonable pricing

A good shopping cart system should provide a free trial period. Online shop starters want the flexibility of trying out a system without having to pay for it. These trial periods can vary anywhere from a few days to weeks. Exercising reasonable pricing wise also means having a transparent pricing / fees list. A lot of systems will charge activation, setup, installation and cancellation fees. These fees add up on the monthly fee. That is why systems like these need to have a very transparent way of communicating their fees. That way both parties know exactly what they are stepping in to.

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