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George Stephen and the Canadian Pacific Railroad

By Phin Upham Much of the financial backing for the Canadian Pacific Railroad’s expansion came about because of the work of George Stephen. Stephen was Scottish and Quebecker in descent with a background in the banking sector. He’d worked his early life in family businesses, and then into business for himself importing wool. He’d grown […]

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How to Recognize a Secure E-commerce

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Written by Secure Net Shop       E-Commerce is convenient and quite easy to go about. This is mainly why online stores have gained so much appeal on the mind of the consumer. With just a few clicks, the customer is able to add items to shopping carts and quickly complete their checkout process. Customers thus expect […]

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How to Test a Campaign

Adapt or die. That’s the mantra of business, and in marketing it holds true. A successful campaign will never get to a “set and forget” status. There are always improvements you can make to your targeting, messaging and creative that will make for a more effective selling proposition. Learning what to test, and how to […]

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Tips for Mobile Ad Testing