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Choosing an online merchant shopping cart software is a tedious task. A multitude of solutions are available and they all offer different features to stand out from the crowd. Although, a serious ecommerce cart has to cover two aspects to get that quality seal. These are security and cost. The tips below may help evaluating these aspects.

Shopping cart pricing

Any serious ecommerce shopping cart system should provide a trial period. Ideally this should be free or offered for a discounted price. New online merchants want the flexibility of testing a system without having to pay a lot of money upfront for it. These periods may be as short as a few weeks. A good pricing implies a transparent and complete fees table. Some systems may charge setup and cancellation fees. These fees are not included in the monthly fee. That’s the main reason why these systems need to have a pricing table. This helps communicate all the fees associated to the shop.

Shopping cart security

A shipping cart ecommerce software should be extremely secure. These stores are dealing with very sensitive information, like credit card numbers, and these need to be encrypted and stored in a highly reliable infrastructure. Some third party companies are addressing this by providing security audits for cart systems. This allows the third party, usually a renowned company, to provide (or not) a security certification to the said website. This certification will then be a seal of quality.

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