Google Agrees To Complicated Worldwide “Right To Be Forgotten” Censorship Plan

website-business-solutionsGoogle will being censoring content worldwide based on the European Union’s “Right to be forgotten” mandate from next week. The censoring will be limited to search queries from the country where the EU request was made. This is in response to EU concerns that the previous implementation of right to be forgotten did not fully comply with the order.

While this does sound a bit complicated, Search Engine Land provided a breakdown which might make more sense:

“Assume that someone in Germany files a Right To Be Forgotten request to have some listing removed for their name.If granted, the censorship will work like this for searches on that person’s name:

Listing censored for those in Germany, using ANY version of Google.
Listing censored for those in the EU, using a European version of Google.
Listing NOT censored for those outside Germany but within the EU, using non-European versions of Google.
Listing NOT censored for those outside the EU, using ANY version of Google.”

This basically means that outside the EU there will be no censorship, which means that its not really worldwide in that sense. This has come about as a result of right to be forgotten removals appearing in other google domains when search from within the EU. This backdoor has now been closed. This would not block someone using a VPN or proxy outside the EU and then doing a search.

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