Google’s manual penalties

There are a lot of penalties that Google applies using algorithms and reports. However, another type of penalty that takes longer to recover from is the manual penalty. With a manual penalty, a reviewer will go through your site and send you an action notice on Search Console if the site does not meet the quality guidelines. Here is a list of actions that warrant manual penalties:

Unnatural links to your website

When there are a lot of unnatural links to your site that use your most important anchor text, it is a sign of spammy activity of attempts at abuse. Fortunately, incoming unnatural links will only incur a warning and ask that you disavow the links. Failure to do so could result in a penalty on the page or site.

Unnatural links from your website

Google frowns on any attempt to sell or exchange links and unnatural links coming from your site can also result in a manual penalty.

User-Generated Content spam

Forums and bulletin board sites are responsible for their content, and user-generated content spam is a real problem for such sites. The only way to avoid a penalty is to use moderation to prevent any abuse of the site.

Cloaking or sneaky redirects penalty

The biggest crime in the eyes of Google is when you present one site to the Googlebot and another to a visitor. The penalties for this sort of behavior are harsh and can include demotion of the entire site in the search results. Often you will get a warning first before a penalty.

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