How to make money from your blog

There was a point that everyone was starting a blog to eventually make money from it. The theory at the time was to start the blog, and write and get your content ranked. Once you started getting traffic then you could think about making money. All that hype sadly didn’t translate to much success for a lot of people, hence a lot of blogs were eventually abandoned and are now running domain ads. However, what if you were one of the few that figured it out and now have thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors a day? How can you cash in on all that traffic? Here are a few ways to monetize your blog:

Pay per click

With this method, you use a service like Google’s AdSense and show ads on your website. When the visitor clicks on the ad, you make whatever pay per click figure that advertiser is paying.


This is just like the above, except that you get paid for every 1000 times the ad is shown, regardless of how many people click through. Your blog will need a large visitor base in order to attract these advertisers.


Once again you show ads and this time you get paid when your visitor clicks through and makes a purchase. Usually you get paid a fixed dollar amount per sale.

Affiliate networks

With these you get a fixed percentage or dollar amount per sale. You send someone through a link and you make money if they make a purchase. This covers everything from sites like ClickBank to Amazon Associates.

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