SEO: Back to the basics

People spend too much working on parts of their website based on ranking factors and other tips and tricks that are the flavor-of-the-month. The fact is that Google engineers the search engine to find and reward sites that do everything well. There are very few instances where sites are punished for doing the right thing. Instead of placing so much of our focus on ranking factors, we should look at the very basics of our website.


There is not enough emphasis on the importance of site design. There is a lot more to design than just how the site looks. You need the right design to make the most out of every visitor that arrives at your page. True, there are a lot of sites out that are bad, yet they are successful. Those sites are successful in spite of their design, not because of it.


Another basic process that gets lost is looking at the product and site through the lens of the audience. Would you use the keywords you optimize for when looking for the same product? How long would you stay on your site looking for information? Look at everything from the perspective of your audience and learn how and what you need to change.


We all know that you need high-quality content to get links and drive sales. However, we do miss the intent of that content. Identify your top performing pages and see if the content and the intent is good enough to convince someone to buy your product. Sometimes even good content needs tweaking to achieve a goal.


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