Tips to Spec Out an App for Your Business

expand-business-with-appYou may have a brilliant idea for an app, but there is a problem with brilliant concepts. It is difficult to explain your concept to your development team. That is, of course, unless you know how to create a great spec.

Define Everything

A great spec requires that you define all acronyms and concepts. This information should always be placed at the top of the Android app development spec.

Draw The Screen Layout

Nothing can better describe a screen layout than an illustration. The image needs to simply provide the iPhone app developers Los Angeles with a general understanding of how the screen will look.

Clarify The Goal

Explain exactly what the app will achieve. This includes both the purpose that the app will serve for the target audience and the benefit that you intend to reap from developing the app. For example, if your goal is to monetize the app, the method by which you will do this must be clear. You may intend to sell the app or you may intend to place ads within the app.

Keep The Specifications Simple

Unless your app will require server support, which most apps do not, the app development in Los Angeles team should only receive specifications that re as complex and the app. Include all of the requirements that the client device would need to run the app.

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