Top Marketing Trends of 2016

top-marketing-trendsStay visible by being aware of what your customers expect online. With today’s browsers being more diverse, demanding, and fragmented, knowing what encourages engagement will pay off in 2016. Get the most out of your Los Angeles marketing efforts by embracing these marketing trends:

Less Disruptive Engagements

Advertising attempts that are disruptive or intrusive are likely to become instantly annoying. The trend for 2016 is to blend marketing efforts in with useful content.

Better Use of Social Media

It took some time, but it’s finally becoming clear that social media isn’t an effective strategy by itself — it’s one ingredient in a well-prepared marketing stew.

Catching Disruptions in the Buying Cycle

Your Los Angeles Internet marketing efforts will be more effective in 2016 if you quickly spot disruptions in the buying cycle. Sending emails to customers who have items in their cart but haven’t checked out yet is one example of how to take advantage of this trend.

Mobile is Everywhere

According to a 2015 survey, more than half of all consumers use a mobile device to compare prices, get product information, and check online reviews before making a purchase. At a minimum, your website needs to be optimized for mobile viewing in 2016.

Further boost your ROI and increase conversions by choosing a Los Angeles marketing agency that knows how to incorporate some of these trends into your engagement strategy. From personalized content to shareable social posts and PPC advertising, there are many ways to take advantage of the top marketing trends of 2016.

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