Using Email Marketing to Launch Your Business

Using Email Marketing to Launch Your BusinessWritten by eTargetMedia.

Many business owners assume that email marketing only works if they have an established business. They make an assumption that it won’t make sense for them to start doing email campaigns before they have a large number of customers or even people who have expressed interest in their products. By doing this, they are missing a golden opportunity to reach new customers and fast track the success of their new business.

All it takes is a few people on your mailing list in order to see benefits from sending out regular newsletters. This allows you to establish communications with your potential customers and keep your name at the top of their minds. If you are sending out newsletters to a limited number of people at launch, it’s important to make sure that your content is sharable. Encourage the people receiving the newsletters to forward them to their friends; you might even want to consider giving referral credits if people have their friends sign up for the newsletter.

Another option to build your newsletter base when you are starting your business is to use an email list. It’s important to work with a company like eTargetMedia that only uses permission-based email lists, since you do not want to be marked as a “spammer” when your business begins. You also want to make sure that you are using highly targeted and segmented lists in order to make sure the right people are getting your message and that you get the most bang for your email marketing dollar.

eTargetMedia is recognized as one of the largest and most reputable providers of postal and email lists in the industry. They only offer permission-based email lists that have been highly categorized.

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