3 Ways to Build Legitimate Links to Your Website

There are a number of factors that determine why certain website rank better than other in the search engine results.

Without a doubt, a site’s link profile is very important where the number, quality and variety of links pointing to a site counts for a lot.

More often than not, site with healthy link profiles will tend to rank higher than most. Of course, this has changed from the time when all your needed was a large number of links compared to your competitors but Google changed all this with the Penguin algorithm update.

Having said this, here are 3 ways by which you can build legitimate links:

#1: Local Directories

A number of people are carrying out a search which involves a location+service search while placing a call to the company after finding a number. While Yelp! was the first to take advantage of this, there are a number of local directories that are in existence now. So, it’s a good idea to check for the leading directories and get your business listed.

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#2: Industry Directories

There are industries that are either regional, national or international in nature that profile businesses. You can easily find these directories in the industry you’re in and which is why it is necessary to spend some time looking at these directory sites and list your business as a result.

There are both free and paid listings that are available and which can bring closer to prospective customers and other businesses.

#3: Industry Publications

Industry publications are present over the web in terms of sites as well as on social media. No matter which industry you belong, there are always publications that cover innovations, market developments and top players.

You can look for articles that relate to your product or service and hence ask the webmaster to request a link from your site to the article. One more approach would be to suggest a link that points to your website so as to provide more information.

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