eBay now serves AMP

website-business-solutionseBay announced that they are now serving as many as eight million pages using Google accelerated mobile project. This is the first time that a major non news site has deployed AMP and could be a sign of things to come.

eBay said that the deployment is currently for many product and category pages. These pages are only shown on mobile devices. From the eBay blog:

“Today we are proud to announce that the AMP version of the new browse experience is live, and about 8 million AMP-based browse nodes are available in production. Check out some of the popular queries in a mobile browser — Camera Drones and Sony PlayStation, for example. Basically adding amp/ to the path of any browse URL will render an AMP version (for example, non-AMP, AMP). We have not linked all of them from our regular (non-AMP) pages yet. This step is waiting on few pending tasks to be completed. For now, we have enabled this new browse experience only in mobile web. In the next couple of weeks, the desktop web experience will also be launched.”

Sometime in February, AMP went live for the news stories carousel on mobile. Now the only way to be shown in the carousel is to have AMP generated pages available.

Google looks to be promoting AMP in more and more categories and shopping and retail likely next judging by eBays move. We can expect to see many more major retailers creating AMP pages in the near future.

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