Email Marketing Has Gone Mobile

Email Marketing Has Gone MobileSmart phones have become the preferred platform for checking emails. The mobile revolution has pushed the public to utilizing mobile phones more than the actual desktop. This is due to the capabilities that these new-age phones offer. It’s essentially an all-in-one computer that allows the user to do anything from watching their favorite shows to working away from home.

It’s taken over the world by storm. If you’re a business that utilizes email marketing, it’s important that you optimize your emails to make them email friendly. Otherwise, you can expect your customer engagement and opens to drastically drop.

Optimize Your Design

Your email design shouldn’t only be for aesthetic purposes. Factor in the amount of time it takes for a reader to open your email. Most people don’t favor waiting more than a minute for your email to load all of its fancy graphics and pictures. Keep it simple and ensure that it gets straight to the point.

Landing Page

The one thing that you want out of your consumer when you send out emails is for them to engage in the link that you provide within the email. Landing pages are designed to capture the readers’ attention and nudge them towards purchasing a product or services. Certain landing pages can be designed to automatically change the layout upon clicking it.

Call to Action

Every email should have a call to action included within it. This is what turns your average viewer into a customer. Make sure that it’s appropriately placed within your email and almost sticks out like a sore thumb.

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