How to Recognize a Secure E-commerce

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E-Commerce is convenient and quite easy to go about. This is mainly why online stores have gained so much appeal on the mind of the consumer. With just a few clicks, the customer is able to add items to shopping carts and quickly complete their checkout process. Customers thus expect online shops to provide them with user-friendly and quick processes that would improve their shopping experience. With the large choice of ecommerce shops available online, it might be complicated to determine which shop is secure or which is not. Generally, online shoppers should be sensibly careful when it comes to providing an personal information, especially concerning credit cards.

Generally, secure ecommerce websites use an encryption technology in order to transfer customers’ information to the merchant’s database. Credit card information are thus encrypted by scrambling the number and features. This makes it almost impossible for another party to access and decrypt the transmission.

Online shoppers should look for a few signs to easily determine whether a site is secure. The first sign to look for is the “https://” in the URL of the site. This can easily be noticed on the address bar of any browser. For some sites, the “s” would be displayed when your order would be processed. For other sites, the secured URL is present on all pages. Apart from the HTTPS, another visual sign to look for is the symbol of a padlock on the address bar. If the padlock is displayed as open this means that the website is not secured.

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