Proactive Online Reputation Management

Any brand that is growing is probably concerned with how customers perceive it. Reputation is everything on the Internet, and this applies to businesses and individuals. Here are some tips to help you stay proactive with your own reputation management, whether you’re attempting thedirty post removal, or trying to land your company’s next big contract.

Domain Real Estate

Buy up domain names related to your name, your brand, and anything else you want to protect. Even if you don’t put anything on those pages, you still control the messaging. If possible, recommends that you populate these pages with more information about yourself, including your interests and what you do. This includes company pages, which may offer more detailed information about specific work, or charities, the company may be involved in.

Social Profiles

Owning more social profiles further helps to control messaging. You own more real estate in search, and acquiring these profiles is free. Make sure you maintain all major profiles, like the ones on Facebook or Twitter, so that you can have a brand presence there.

Start Pitching Content

Once you’ve done all you can for yourself, it’s time to start outreach. Posting on different blogs that you don’t own, especially if those blogs carry strong authority, is a good way to improve your standing in search. It may also lead to better opportunities for you and your business, as more potential customers come to you seeking your expertise. Devote some time to your writing and it will surely have a good payoff for the future of your reputation.

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