Quick ways to improve your stagnant SEO

website-business-solutionsOnce you have passed the beginner phase and have completed your first SEO campaigns, there can be a lull period before you get the budget or the development time necessary. In that period, you can try these low cost easy to implement tactics to improve your SEO.

Build internal links

One of the best ways to get ranked for anchor text is to build internal links with the anchor text you want. The premise behind this is that if you are not confident of your pages to link to them, why should others. This is an almost unlimited link resource as you can cross link internally to all your content from other pages.

Improve on page content

A lot of content pages are written but not optimized for the keywords they are targeting. Improve the on page optimization in line with the target keyword phrases. Avoid putting too many keywords, which google considers keyword stuffing.

Optimize headlines and descriptions

Most titles and descriptions are just that and describe exactly what is on the page. You can improve the click through rates by tweaking the headlines and the descriptions. Make the headlines more appealing by checking the competing headlines and tweak them to be more enticing to visitors.

Work on underperforming pages

Check google analytics and look for pages that get traffic but are not optimized. These are low hanging fruit that can be given quick and easy ranking boosts just by some of the tactics on this page.


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