Retargeting: Bringing potential customers back

Every e-commerce site deals with the painful reality that not every visit to their website will result in a sale. After all, the first visit is to see what’s available, where to buy it from, and how much it costs. For e-commerce sites, this is an opportunity.

How do we get the customer to return once they are ready to make a purchase? Retargeting. According to a recent survey, in 2016, marketers ran retargeting ads as much as 60% the time. Here is how to maximize the effectiveness of your retargeting campaign:

Concerns – Often, if the customer has an unresolved concern with some element of the purchase, they will hold off unless the item is urgent. The concern usually has something to do with the product itself. Look at the potential concerns a customer might have with your product and use the retargeting to allay their concerns.

Better deal – The problem with online shopping for e-commerce sites is that people always think they can get a better deal elsewhere. Even if this is not true, it can prevent them from deciding until they look around. With retargeting, you can offer a one-time discount with some level of urgency.

Other needs – Sometimes customers have multiple needs that are part of the main purchase. For example, a gamer looking for a laptop might want a gaming mouse and other accessories. One way is to cross-sell the main item with discounted accessories.


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