Three Unusual SEO Tips to Increase Organic Traffic

website-business-solutionsThere is a lot of information out there on SEO, but most of them focus on basic tactics like onsite optimization and link building. Here are three more unusual methods of improving your SEO.

Link reclamation

This technique is effective for larger brands but can be just as effective for smaller outfits. Basically you just need to find any mention of you or your brand or even any content of yours without any link. Then get in touch with them and ask them to link the piece along with the relevant url. Any subject that gets a decent amount of attention, the rewards can be high.

Community Hijacking

This works better than in some industries (like fashion) over others. The concept is to find a groups, pages or online communities that are your target market. You can then use a scraping tool to extract the names of the members of that group. A good tip is to look out for the more popular users. You can then contact them directly and offer a mutually beneficial relationship to promote your product.

Buy an Existing Website

This is an extremely cost effective and underrated SEO technique. In short you can look out for related sites or blogs that are for sale and acquire them. With the purchase you will get all of their traffic, be able to use incoming links they have. In addition you will get a lot of new content. As a bonus you might even be able to get a mailing list and social media accounts to go with the site.

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