Monthly Archives: April 2015

LinkedIn Is Acquiring

LinkedIn has recently announced that it would be engaging into agreements to acquire the website, an online learning company specializing in teaching business, creative and technology skills.’s purpose goes along the same as LinkedIn as it aims to help in career development. was born in 1995 and the company is based in […]

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How to Cut an Underperforming Ad Before it Costs You

Veteran marketers have to make snap decisions about a campaign all the time. The budgets they work with would not be possible if most of their work was based on bad guesses. What do they see that less-experienced marketers don’t? The ability to cut an underperforming ad is something you learn, but it doesn’t have […]

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Google Finally Releases Custom Voice Actions For Third Party Apps

Google is aiming to expand Voice Actions to third party applications. The purpose of this initiative is to enable users to make the most of their apps on Android devices and would offer much more than launching them. In certain cases this function would also act as an in-app search feature. For this feature to […]

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