Tips for Mobile Ad Testing

Being that mobile is so new, there is no one correct way of approaching it. Any niche is going to require some testing before you fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Mobile testing is all about immediacy, and location-based offers. You will need to experiment with the language you use to provoke users into an action, the format you use to appeal to them and other aspects of the ad.

Here are some tips newbies can use to break into the mobile advertising scene.

Testing Your Campaigns

Testing can start anywhere, but it’s probably best to start with something easy to change like your call to action. Try using a CTA that describes what the user will be doing, like “Call Now” or “Download a Report.”

Staying true to the limits of your branding, try to play with color schemes to look for a way to show the product or service in action. Mobile users are concerned with what they can get now, so it helps to show what a user can accomplish within just a few seconds or minutes of their time.

Day parting is another aspect of your campaign that can greatly affect who sees your ads, and how well those ads perform. Those who offer mobile games, for instance, may find better performance during weekends or at certain times of the day where workers may be on break.

Finally, testing messaging requires a keen intuition for what is working in your campaign. Experiment with tag lines to see what gets people tapping or calling.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR. With 15 years of experience in direct marketing and brand stewardship, Ted Dhanik has helped business grow through micro-targeted campaigns. Visit Ted Dhanik online at engage:BDR for tips on converting leads through display advertising.

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