Google Urges for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Websites that have not yet catered for mobile users might be well on the way on losing business. This is because these sites are at risk of being ranked lower in mobile Google search results. During the past weeks, Google has issued warnings to numerous webmasters of sites that were not yet mobile-friendly. These messages were delivered via email or Webmaster Tools along with notifications detailing pages that contained mobile usability errors. Moreover, the warning indicated that these pages will be ranked lower on smartphone searches.

With these types of warnings, Google is urging webmasters to take steps into rendering their websites mobile-friendly. These notifications could enable brands to ensure that their marketing strategy is heading in the right direction. With the use of mobile phones gaining accrued prominence with each passing month, privileging mobile conversion should be at the top of the list of webmasters.

Google had officially launched “mobile-friendly” labels last year in November. With the recent warning, the tech giant is showing that it is consistently updating its algorithm to promote mobile-optimized websites on its search engine. Rumors have it that Google is working on a new advanced mobile algorithm for 2015 and with its release, sites which are not yet mobile-optimized would need to make considerable investments to respond to this algorithm change.

Optimizing websites for mobile use, especially when it comes to rendering the website responsive, requires quite some investment. Particular thought would have to be given about favoring the user experience (UX) across various platforms.

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