Common Reputation Management Problems

By Pierre Zarokian from Reputation Stars

Reputation management is a very real phenomenon in today’s world. What an employer, a spouse or the public see when they perform a Google search for your name can affect everything in your life. Photos posted to Facebook might get someone fired. Conversations from years ago were taken out of context and used to paint both Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegal out to be condescending and greedy.

Here are some of the common problems that tarnish the reputations of people.

Slander Sites

Sites like Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer tried to be communities that helped to out the injustices consumers face. A lack of moderation, and loopholes in federal law, have enabled these sites to skyrocket in popularity and search rankings as users add more content without proving their case. Because of the Communications Decency Act, these sites are free to post this kind of content without legal recourse.


A recent court case gave Yelp the legal rights to rearrange reviews on a business page how it sees fit. The company argued that it needed these rights in order to scrape fake reviews, but businesses suspect Yelp’s motives lie in increasing its own sales. Regardless of what Yelp truly believes, it faces a serious problem with transparency. That problem affects countless businesses across the nation, leading to lost revenue and opportunities over something the owners themselves have no control over.


Managing one’s reputation is not a simple task. It means maintaining multiple social profiles, writing high quality content and engaging with your target market. It’s not a job easily done alone.

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