How Los Angeles Has Risen in the Data Center Scene

Written by Rack Alley

Over several years, the city of Los Angeles has risen to become one of the preferred locations for data centers. There are several factors that makes it so successful when it comes to popular data center choices.

Rapid Community of Data Centers

Los Angeles boasts one of the most rapid growing community of data centers in the world. Companies hailing from various fields and industries such as computing, shipping, gaming and entertainment have opted for a Los Angeles data center. Another advantage that the city offers is a good choice of colocation providers. Basically colocation implies sharing a data center with other companies. This is convenient as normally companies would not be using a data center to its full capacity if they had one only for themselves. Colocation is thus less costly and more effective.

Perfect Location

Web hosting providers in Los Angeles are located in the right gateway for traffic coming for the US as well as the Asian continent. In other words, choosing LA implies that the company’s data is in an ideal location for users from the US and from Asian countries.

Quality of data centers

With the amount of data centers in LA, the competition is quite fierce. This implies that quality is something that each data center would be looking to improve in order to ensure better customer satisfaction.

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