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Google Finally Releases Custom Voice Actions For Third Party Apps

Google is aiming to expand Voice Actions to third party applications. The purpose of this initiative is to enable users to make the most of their apps on Android devices and would offer much more than launching them. In certain cases this function would also act as an in-app search feature. For this feature to […]

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host

Written by Rack Alley       Making a decision regarding which web hosting company to go for can be quite tricky. There are numerous options available and several factors need to be considered to determine whether a service would be responding to your particular business needs. Factors such the uptime and price might come first when […]

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How Los Angeles Has Risen in the Data Center Scene

Written by Rack Alley Over several years, the city of Los Angeles has risen to become one of the preferred locations for data centers. There are several factors that makes it so successful when it comes to popular data center choices. Rapid Community of Data Centers Los Angeles boasts one of the most rapid growing […]

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