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Why people are afraid of e-commerce

Article written by : Lo Cost Marketing After all this time, customers are still afraid to shop online. A study by the Department of Commerce showed that half of the respondents did not use e-commerce sites due to security and privacy concerns. Even with the massive growth seen year after year for e-commerce, there remains […]

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Example uses of Augmented Reality for marketers

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One of the biggest tech stories of this year centers on a shift in the tech landscape. The hype that surrounds virtual reality is starting to fade. Bad software, hardware requirements, and the additional cost drove down sales. Now, thanks in large part to Apple, Augmented Reality looks like it will take its place. With […]

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Why Website Speed is So Important In Web Design

Patience is key, right? Wrong. In today’s fast-paced online business world, everyone wants a website that will deliver a fast and great user-experience, regardless of the niche or industry. Websites that give off an amazing first impression are likely to see returning customers – therefore increasing the company’s overall success. Never overlook to the importance […]

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Online marketing for the holiday season

Retail outlets spend a large part of the year preparing for the holiday season. E-commerce marketers spend as much time or possibly more preparing and optimizing campaigns for the season. The trick is to plan and invest your paid shopping dollars and maximize the holiday sales. PLA The hottest product online for retail advertising is […]

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