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Top Marketing Trends of 2016

Stay visible by being aware of what your customers expect online. With today’s browsers being more diverse, demanding, and fragmented, knowing what encourages engagement will pay off in 2016. Get the most out of your Los Angeles marketing efforts by embracing these marketing trends: Less Disruptive Engagements Advertising attempts that are disruptive or intrusive are […]

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How to Make Email Marketing Strategies Work

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What makes email marketing so effective? Why do marketers continue to use email as a platform for success? What significant advantages does email marketing have over other platforms? It Starts With You The key to an effective email marketing campaign lies with the marketer that’s creating the email. Although email has been branded as an […]

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4 Tips to Showcase your Brand Online in 2015

Online branding is probably the most important component when it comes to digital marketing. The five tips below might come handy in making your brand get noticed by your target audience. Build a Highly Functioning Site Customers would be seeking as much information about product or services on your site. A highly functional site should […]

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Google Urges for Mobile-Friendly Websites

Websites that have not yet catered for mobile users might be well on the way on losing business. This is because these sites are at risk of being ranked lower in mobile Google search results. During the past weeks, Google has issued warnings to numerous webmasters of sites that were not yet mobile-friendly. These messages […]

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Facebook Is Trying To Eliminate Hoaxes From News Feeds

Facebook is striving to promote positive user experiences. One of their initiatives is to eliminate posts that people report as hoaxes. Reported posts would be flagged with a warning message and ultimately such posts would be subject to limited distribution across the social network. The social network is aiming to considerably decrease the spreading of […]

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Google’s Keyword Planner Is Now Showing Conversion Estimates

Google has recently announced on Google+ that their Keyword Planner Tool in Adwords has experienced an upgrade and is now supporting conversion estimates. Keyword Planner users can now make use of a slider to see how different types of bids may affect their campaign’s performance depending on whether it is on mobile or desktop devices. […]

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