The Problem with Unidentified Email Marketing Campaigns

Written by eTarget Media

It’s creepy to see something you can’t identify, even if it’s an email campaign. However, many marketers send out email campaigns without disclosing the name of the business or where it is coming from. It happens all the time. While it might seem like a good idea, hiding your identity in an email campaign will only backfire. Here’s why it’s not a good idea to send out anonymous email messages and what to do about it.

An unidentified email marketing campaign might get deleted or marked as spam. If you think people open undisclosed email campaigns, think again. Most people don’t pay attention to emails from strangers let alone anonymous senders, even if you’ve asked permission at some point. So an email from a no name sender will most likely get thrown in the trash or marked as spam.

How do you avoid being marked as spam? It’s simple. Instead of sending an anonymous email, make sure the recipient knows the email is coming from you. There are many easy and effective ways to disclose your identity in an email campaign. One way is to send it from a familiar name or email address, such as one that features your business name. Another way to disclose your company in an email campaign is to use branding, such as a logo or colors of your business.

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