What You Need to Know About Data Center Cooling

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Data centers get overheated quite easily. With the considerable amount of equipment and computers found in server rooms, overheating is quite unavoidable. In order to avoid wasting energy and to promote efficiency, an effective cooling method is crucial. The Power Usage Effective, is a specific scale used to determine efficiency in the data center industry. A PUE value of 2.0, for example, means that for every watt of power used in IT, a further watt of energy is needed in order to cool down and ensure power distribution of the equipment in the data justify. A low PUE value closer to 1 means that energy is being efficiently used.

To avoid overheating, a regular and constant maintenance of server racks and equipment is needed. Some causes of overheating are tangled cables, poorly aligned cabinets or even the accumulation of dust. These factors not only trigger overheating, they also negatively impact on the performance of the data centers. Constant environmental monitoring must also be practised within the data center. This monitors the temperature of the room allows to determine any surges in temperature of the server room.

In order to ensure the cooling of server rooms, computer room air conditioner systems help to maintain a constant temperature in server rooms. These systems are used to create cold corridors within computer rooms. In regions requiring more specific cooling, a portable A/C can also be used.

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